Prosek Partners – Pizza & Advice in Communication & Creative opportunities

Moody Career Center (DMC 2.302)

Prosek Partners selected YOU as a top future candidate for their global PR firm and they seek all Moody majors Slice and Advice Monday 4/27 11a-12:30p Carolina, Prosek Partners is interested in speaking with you for 10-minutes about their Public Relations Development Program and how to prepare for a career in Communications. They are hosting a Slice and Advice tomorrow ...

Legend Labs in-person Info-Session: Comm & PR – Brands, Sports, Players, Fans, Reputation

Moody Career Center (DMC 2.302)

Austin's Legend Labs is hosting an info session on Monday, Apr 25 from 2-3:30pm to showcase their internship opportunities. They've hired many Moody interns in the past, and they want more. Legend Labs is a brand and reputation consulting firm that operates at the intersection of strategy, data, and creativity,. They bring deep experience and innovative thinking to the brand, ...

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