State of the College Address

Please join Dean Bernhardt to celebrate the countless accomplishments of the Moody College community, which have made his five years as dean so rewarding. He will also reflect on the exciting opportunities ahead of us and the future we can create. Watch the Speech here.

Solidarity Reporting on Afghanistan: Resisting Dehumanizing Portrayals

Afghanistan and Afghan people have been at the forefront of media coverage and social media feeds since the Taliban took control of the country in late August. Many news organizations are covering the implications of this moment, with some calling for greater solidarity and accountability - while other news organizations have backslid into dehumanizing portrayals of Afghan people as helpless, ...

Communication Studies Week Video Contest Deadline


Video Contest with Cash Prizes! CMS majors are invited to create a 1-minute (max.) video (on your phone or other device) about your most memorable experience as a CMS major—in class, on an internship, in a project group, working with a faculty member, in a student organization, or elsewhere. Your video should help illustrate what’s great about this major. Cash prizes ...