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East Austin Stories screening in honor of Juneteenth 2021

June 17, 2021 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm CDT

East Austin Stories screening in honor of Juneteenth 2021

East Austin Stories is an RTF introduction to documentary filmmaking class, taught by filmmaker and professor, Andrew Garrison. It was founded in 2000 by East Austin residents Miguel Guajardo, Juan Valadez, and John Williams, together with Garrison. Because it has been taught for twenty years, the remarkable work of these student filmmakers paints a shifting portrait of communities and life in East Austin.


  1. Clarence(6:34)

2001 Directed by Jennifer Gardner and Bryan Lozano

Every song tells a story, says Clarence Pierce of East Austin blues band The Eastside Kings. While he normally lets his guitar do the talking, in this documentary he accompanies his music with stories.. “However you want it to sound, you work on it and perfect it—you got the Blues.” Clarence passed away in 2012

  1. Laying the Foundation(12:00)

2004 Directed by Amy Khoshbin, Matthew Carey, and Aaron Castillo

Champion boxer Ann Wolfe wasn’t always on top of the world. On the contrary: boxing gave her a way out of poverty, personal tragedy, and homelessness. Now it gives her a way to share something with East Austin kids, and to live her philosophy—that it’s the people whose lives you touch that really make a difference—even as she prepares to do battle in the ring. Ann eventually held world titles in three different weight classes simultaneously. She is regarded by many within the sport as one of the greatest female boxers of all time

  1. Portraits Behind The Paint(8:00)

2018 Directed by Becca Stewart and Léa Cuvelier.

“…Chris Rogers’ mural at 12th and Chicon streets was painted over, sparking outrage from the community over what many saw as an act of gentrification…” (Austin American-Statesman, 2/19/2018). Meet Chris Rogers, the artist behind the mural at 12th & Chicon streets. Chris shares his passion behind his work, what it was like painting for and with the East Austin community, and his thoughts on dealing with change while staying true to himself.

  1. East Austin Essay(11:00)

2016, Directed by Patrícia Nogueira and Carlo Nasisse

A lyrical collage of images of the work, play, and action]ns of everyday life in the changing—and disappearing—neighborhoods of East Austin. D.P., Carlo Nasisse; Sound, Kenneth Chen ; Editing, Carlo Nasisse; Color, Andrew Garbus

  1. House of Elegance(8:12)

2006, Director, Amy Bench; Additional Crew, Anita Prewett and Mike Mann; Music, Ernie Mae Miller. At the House of Elegance, Mrs. Ella Mae Pease passes on her beauty secrets to daughter Pearl and a new generation of stylists. With scalps lathered and massaged, mysterious unguents applied, and every strand woven into place, her customers really let their hair down.

  1. In the Shadow of Downtown(6:16)

2004, Directed by David Elkins and Chris Case

As Austin wealth flows east, it’s bringing smoother streets, taller and tidier buildings. It also threatens to bury an African American neighborhood with brick. Eva Lindsay, manager of the renowned Victory Grill where B.B. King and Ike and Tina Turner once performed, bought the blues club on 11th Street and hopes it can be “an anchor” in changing times. The film hears from residents who’ve stayed and those who’ve moved away, and from Rev. Marvin Griffin of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Seeing development on the march, he asks for thought and a plan, to ensure that his community won’t be “diminished, but enriched by the process.”

  1. 7. Rose’s Story(6:15)

2009, Directed by Chris Kim, Kelly Sloan, and Zoja Ulesoo.

Rose Pulliam decided she needed to live differently after a marriage, children, and career. It took her until she was almost 50 before she understood she could create who she was and allow herself to be more than “one thing or the other.” A beautifully told “auto-biography” of a queer woman of color.

  1. Fighting for Anderson(12:47)

2017, Produced and Directed by Matthew Adams. Filmed and Edited by Zachary Jones

Anderson High School was the first and only African American High School in Austin for many years. After desegregation it eventually shut down. The alumni are still active and trying to preserve their history.

  1. 9. Wesley United(5:35)

2009, Created by Megan Bennett, Traci Duran, Jordan Garcia, and Landry Gideon

The Wesley United Methodist Church is the oldest historically African-American church in Austin and justly famous for its outstanding choir. In this documentary, you’ll meet individuals in the choir and more importantly HEAR them—singing, telling about themselves and each other, and the message of the music.


June 17, 2021
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm CDT


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