> Host an Event

We may not be able to come together in person, but we can connect and engage virtually. TEXAS Moody Media is a hub that offers our #BigMoodyFamily various ways to connect, learn, enage with exciting video content, listen to great stories and have fun together. We invite you to host your own programming on this channel. It can be big and open to a large audience, or smaller, with just your invited guests or members. Use your Moody College creativity and plan an event today.

Whether you have an open or private event, we recommend you have attendees RSVP to your event and provide an email address. Then 1-2 days prior to the event, you can email them with the RSVP link. This will allow you to ensure only your members join private events and keep your zoom link available only to those who have responded.

Any recorded sessions can be added to your event after the fact by emailing comm-calendar-approver@austin.utexas.edu.

Ideas for Events

  • Guest speakers
  • Panel Discussions
  • Webinars
  • Master Class
  • Career Center Training
  • Advising Office Hours
  • Town Halls

  • Book Clubs/Discussions
  • Show and Tell
  • Group Study Sessions
  • Office Hours
  • Movie Night
  • Student Org Meetings
  • Coffee House Performances

  • E-Sports
  • Game Nights
  • Fitness Classes
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Wellness Events
  • Cooking Classes

    How to Host

    When hosting an event, the first step is to decide what type of event it will be. Talk with other organizers who will be involved in putting together the event, and decide on the best format. If you're struggling to come up with ideas, we have an extensive list you can explore.

    Next, decide which platform is best for hosting your event. Zoom is great for programs that require interaction whereas Youtube Live is preferred for informative events. You can host an event on any platform you’re most comfortable with and will benefit your audience.

    Once everything has been scheduled, get the word out! Upload your event to our calendar to reach a broader audience. Post information on your social media and make sure to use #TexasMoodyMedia.

    Tips for Successful Events

    • Determine the category or type of event you are hosting and make sure to add the category to your event entry.
    • Make sure to add tags to your event so people can easily search and find those they’re most interested in. You can include as many tags as appropriate for your event.
    • Encourage everyone to have their video camera on to encourage human connection.

    • Utilize different features like polls, chat and drawing boards to keep your audience engaged.
    • Send out a survey afterwards to understand how to improve the format in the future.
    • Assign two hosts for events in case someone’s connection goes down, there will still be someone to carry on.